World Bible School

West Olive uses many means for sharing the gospel.  One of these means is through correspondence courses with the World Bible School. The founder of World Bible School was Jimmie Lovell (1896-1984), a business man who lived in California. By 1978 Jimmy saw the need to acquire assistance and persuaded Ruel Lemmons to join the World Bible School Ministry Program. About this same time Jimmy was able to persuade Jake Coppinger in Visalia, CA to coordinate World Bible School follow up. By 1987 Tex William was appointed Director of WBS. Correspondence courses were developed and sent to students who had indicated a desire to study God’s word using the postal system. By 1995 it was recognized the internet teaching could be an effective tool in recruiting and teaching students and Kit Mullins helped develop the internet teaching program.  WBS is now located in Cedar Park, TX and has both internet and traditional, that is, using correspondence courses, available thereby permitting students interested in studying God’s holy word to select the method which best suits their needs. Additional information about this program can be obtained by visiting the WBS web site,